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Precinct Chair Workshop in Georgetown

I've been hired to do a workshop in Georgetown on October 15th. This isn't far from Austin.

Everything I do in this area sells out quick so I suggest if you want to attend you get your tickets now.  

The Five Star Plan Precinct Chair Workshop Tickets, Fri, Oct 15, 2021 at 7:00 PM | Eventbrite


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  • This looks great! I’m going to see how far Georgetown is from me.
    • If you want to organize something like this closer to home we can help with that.
      I'm enclosing the link with the details, all I do is teach my training materials. My wife handles the scheduling and then you would find a place and go from there. I'm speaking in McKinney Friday night at the Redemption church for Texas Constitutionalists if you want to talk about it then we'd be happy to stick around or even show up early.
      The Five Star Plan Workshops
      The Five Star Plan Workshops teach specific topics on where and how to be active in government at the local, county and state level.
    • That would be great. I plan to make the McKinney event. I will make it a point to find time to discuss with you or Carole. If you can tell me how many people we would need to have at minimum that would help give me some idea.
    • Was great to see to see you in McKinney last night. Carole said she had a great conversation to you. I really don't think getting 25 people signed up to do a workshop would be difficult and we can help with that.
    • Great! I’m getting the word out. I don’t think it will be hard either. It’s very needed! Thanks for all that you and Carole do!
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